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What's the style of the candy box


Couple on the wedding day to feel happiness at the same time, of course, also don't forget our guests full blessing, when guests leave thick, we should politely give each send a bag of sweet, so personality style is more and more joyful candy box, unique model not only can show the couple's character, also can give guests leave deep impression.

Standard box class: such a sweet gift box is common, which is the most basic design, material or iron boxes or stiff paper, also have heart, square, round shape, it depends on the couple his be fond of, and on...

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The right way to send an invitation


Can come to our wedding and our closest people, although relations are relatively close, but in the invitation form, is a bit cannot careless, wedding while the couple is leading role, but also absolutely without the witness of the couple's sacred moment guests.

Invitation to invite

Invitations are the most common form of invitation, not only traditional but also formal. The invitation card is printed with the main information of a wedding: the name of the couple, the hotel address, the wedding time, etc., so that people can see clearly. Such an invitation is also simple and direct. As anyone who receives...

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Share tips on taking wedding photos in summer


The wedding the couple have a lot of the summer, because summer is a vibrant season, and the bride can wear any of your favorite wedding dress styles, but the hot weather let a person worry, preparations for the wedding couple in the summer the most main is thinking about the summer hot weather, here small make up for you to share the summer picture taken note.

1. The bride's make-up

Bride makeup with pale, pure and fresh and give priority to, and the bride should pay close attention to their own makeup look, don't walk too much, avoid your makeup was...

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Lovers' wedding photos express romantic love stories


Walking on the road, you can see pairs of young lovers in love clothes walking in front of you from time to time. Take wedding photos, love you will choose what style of wedding photos? Try the couple's wedding photos and write the most romantic love story.

For couples who are in love, there are more choices, and different styles of wedding photos allow people to choose. The bride wedding photography studio can create different styles of wedding photos, but these are man-made, the beauty of new itself has not been shown, only their own feelings, only more dynamic personality into...

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