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Gold wedding dresses are different


To wedding dress rental, you need to start the bride usually spend in tianjin Tian Xi wedding dress rental shop to pick three sets of wedding dresses, the first is his dress, usually white wedding dress, the second is to propose a toast to wear the dress, this dress is usually dinner dress, the third set of dress is wearing the dress, usually the bride will wear a cocktail dinner suit. Wedding day is like doing a show, a moment is not free, because different wedding dress should match on different makeup, but the groom can be a complete set,...

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How to buy high-quality wedding dress


I. fabric of wedding dress

Marriage gauze chooses to use sense sense to distinguish good or bad first. Fabric is the main factor that reflects the quality of wedding dress. At present, most of the wedding dress for satin, yarn, chiffon, taffeta four.

Satin: with a soft sheen, a bony touch, enough weight, and strong support. This is a perfect way to hold up the shape of the dress, whether it's a lining or a top cloth. The simple sense that has weight won't make integral marriage gauze looks have kind of dimly discernible feeling, can reflect luxurious feeling at first glance.


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How to choose a veil according to the face shape of the bride at the wedding


Brides in choosing a veil, in order to choose the most suitable veil of the bride's face, show the most unique temperament and beautiful, so also there are many factors to consider, what according to face to choose the veil!


Choose a veil or round face according to the bride's face shape

If you have a full moon face, you should choose to cover your face with a veil to make it look smaller.

Choose veil 2, heart-shaped or triangular faces according to the bride's face shape

You may want to widen the jawline a bit, but you'd better choose a veil over the...

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Wedding shoes how perfect with wedding dresses


To be a perfect bride, we must pay attention to every detail of the bride's modeling. The selection of bridal shoes is very knowledgeable. The following small series introduces us to what shoes to wear in wedding dresses, and recommend some comfortable and stylish bridal wedding shoes. Let's take a look!
The primary criterion is comfort, choosing the right height of wedding shoes based on the habit of wearing shoes. Do not want to wear a wedding dress, but choose a high heel, so you will be very tired. If you usually wear only athletic shoes, can you think about picking...

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