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What are the theme styles of wedding photography?

Wedding photo style 1: Korean lady bride.

Korean wedding dress are fair maiden, hair also is home outfit, atmospheric wife hair, while it is Chinese, but many are called the Korean style, white gauze is suited to choose this style of oh.

Wedding photo style 2: European atmosphere bride.

European and American styles have a retro style, which is very likely to have the feeling of Andersen's fairy tales.

Wedding photo style 3: ancient costume reserved bride.

The favorite is the ancient costume wedding photos, when we chose the clothes in the "step by step", it is really beautiful, haha, it shows that we still...

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 Viewers donate dresses after Manayunk bridal shop's sudden closure

Frantic brides-to-be contacted Action News about the abrupt shuttering of a bridal boutique in Manayunk, leaving ladies without their dresses and their money.

Since that report aired, we've heard from several viewers wanting to help by offering to donate their personal wedding dresses. It's an effort to help other brides-to-be affected by the closing of bridal boutique, Ashe B. and Co.Brides-to-be left without gowns after shop closes in Philly"I was just about to send it to the cleaners this week to get it cleaned and preserved," said Joanna Raudenbush from Northeast Philadelphia.But now Joanna wants to give her bridal gown to...

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Dress Designers Add Options for Plus-Size Brides

On a recent Saturday in February, it was bridal mayhem at RK Bridal in Manhattan. Brides lined up to try on dresses. Bridal consultants ran around the shop, weighted down with alteration gear. Hovering mothers fussed over their daughters.

The main attractions weren’t the brides but the dresses on display that day. There were six new ones (from a total of 15) designed by Justin Alexander that were created especially for curvy women, sizes 18 to 32.

Mr. Alexander was on hand to show off his new styles and his “Be You” campaign.

“A plus-size girl doesn’t want to be limited to one...

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Dresses With A Cause: Dream Center Helps Girls Find Perfect Dress For Prom

LUBBOCK, TX - The Dream Center of Lubbock, a local nonprofit organization that help low income families, recently hosted their "Prom Queen" event. The event invited high school girls from all over the community to come and find their perfect, free prom dress.

"Prom is really expensive, and there are a lot of people who can't go out and enjoy it because simply it costs too much," LeighAnn Ramirez, senior assistant for Church On The Rock, said.

After the event, Ramirez said they still had dozens of dresses left over because of the high amount of donations.

"It started out pretty small but...

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