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 Viewers donate dresses after Manayunk bridal shop's sudden closure

Frantic brides-to-be contacted Action News about the abrupt shuttering of a bridal boutique in Manayunk, leaving ladies without their dresses and their money.

Since that report aired, we've heard from several viewers wanting to help by offering to donate their personal wedding dresses. It's an effort to help other brides-to-be affected by the closing of bridal boutique, Ashe B. and Co.Brides-to-be left without gowns after shop closes in Philly"I was just about to send it to the cleaners this week to get it cleaned and preserved," said Joanna Raudenbush from Northeast Philadelphia.But now Joanna wants to give her bridal gown to a bride in need. She says the news of Ashe B. and Co. closing and leaving women without wedding dresses brought back bitter memories."As soon as I saw that, it just brought me back to last year when Alfred Angelo closed their stores," she said.Joanna says she was able to get her bridesmaid dresses from the store one week before it closed, but others weren't so lucky.

"It was a close call but it just made me feel so bad, just the thought of brides probably not having a dress for their wedding," said Joan Read more at:wedding dresses australia| wedding dresses online australia

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