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The choice of wedding style is the happiest moment in life, who does not want to present one's most beautiful side and stay forever.
However, how to pick a wedding dress that suits you seems to be a headache for people who want to pick a good wedding dress. Choose a wedding dress once in a lifetime to show your own traits and personality.
The choice of wedding colors
Asked the bride to wear a head and accessories are all a white, was from the Queen Victoria era, when the white represents happiness, and later strengthened the meaning of holiness and loyalty, resulting in remarried lady, can not wear a white wedding dress, but also formed The pure white wedding dress stands out for its lofty position.
Prior to this, Greece also used "white" as the most commonly used color in bridal gowns, but it was not strict enough to be full of whiteness; in ancient Roman times, the bride would wear yellow face yarn: Chinese tradition is based on the red dress as the auspicious sign; At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress was a highlight of the noble status of the royal family, showing that the wedding dress was appropriate for its “color” and there was no special requirement to wear a pure white wedding dress.
As the trend of the world continues to change, apart from traditional colors such as pure white, ivory, and beige, wedding dresses in Xiamen have become increasingly popular in recent years. This includes pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, and pink green. And light silver-gray, very soft and pleasing; if you dare to try, dark green, red, deep purple, decorated with pink wedding dress, the formation of intense dress, the effect is very special; as for the most popular, of course, is ivory or Pure white wedding dress, decorated with pink silk flowers and butterflies to add color. In fact, what color wedding is not important, the most prerequisite is to match the color of the bride's skin.
Orientals have a dark complexion and are yellowish. Wearing a snow-white wedding dress will appear dull. Wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural. Powder blue, pink purple and yellow skin will not be able to coordinate, but pink orange and pink green will match yellowish skin. As for the skin's rosy, or bronze skin, wearing a pure white will look good, especially the latter, will be a different share of the dovetail brilliance.

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