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Dress Designers Add Options for Plus-Size Brides

On a recent Saturday in February, it was bridal mayhem at RK Bridal in Manhattan. Brides lined up to try on dresses. Bridal consultants ran around the shop, weighted down with alteration gear. Hovering mothers fussed over their daughters.

The main attractions weren’t the brides but the dresses on display that day. There were six new ones (from a total of 15) designed by Justin Alexander that were created especially for curvy women, sizes 18 to 32.

Mr. Alexander was on hand to show off his new styles and his “Be You” campaign.

“A plus-size girl doesn’t want to be limited to one or two traditional looks, but wants fashion, like an interesting ruffle,” he said. “They can’t try that on because it’s not available to her. We’ve developed a diverse range where they can try on a fit-and-flair with a sweetheart neckline, or something that’s beaded. We don’t want someone to come into the store and not be able to try on the dress of their dreams.”

This inability to try on dresses had long been a fear for Josefina Rodriguez, a plus-size bride. In need of support, she had arrived at RK Bridal armed with her mother, sister, best friend and matron of honor.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | wedding dresses online australia

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