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How to buy high-quality wedding dress


I. fabric of wedding dress

Marriage gauze chooses to use sense sense to distinguish good or bad first. Fabric is the main factor that reflects the quality of wedding dress. At present, most of the wedding dress for satin, yarn, chiffon, taffeta four.

Satin: with a soft sheen, a bony touch, enough weight, and strong support. This is a perfect way to hold up the shape of the dress, whether it's a lining or a top cloth. The simple sense that has weight won't make integral marriage gauze looks have kind of dimly discernible feeling, can reflect luxurious feeling at first glance.

Yarn: the yarn used in wedding dress is not only in the net yarn, Europe, glass yarn. If there are no special requirements for the wedding dress, generally will require light, transparent, soft, slippery feeling. In addition, different types of yarn, their specific requirements are also different. Like the organza, you have to have a hazy feeling. Glass yarn must be transparent enough, shiny must have enough refraction, and so on.

Chiffon: a good chiffon wedding dress, first of all to see his weight and the soft degree of close-fitting. Chiffon is a lightweight translucent silk or rayon fabric. The light and transparent ones that we normally see are mostly fibrous. Silk chiffon is also called georgette. And the silk that USES in bridal industry more is more droopy feeling pure silk fabrics.

Taffeta: a very simple way of distinguishing taffeta is the rustle where it leaves the start road. Taffeta is also a kind of pure silk, which is a kind of fabric with strong plasticity, flat, compact and a unique subgloss. Exaggerated description means that no model can stand up without the wedding dress is her.

2. Composition of wedding dress

Wedding dresses are not only one layer on the surface, but three layers of fabric, including lining, and face, are needed to better show the effect of wedding dresses. In order to set off the overall shape of the wedding dress, many wedding dresses will choose the supporting lining cloth and lining cloth, such as the thick type of wedding dress.

Some dresses also increase the number of interfacing and facials in order to reflect their different effects to reflect the lush and luxuriant effect. And the number of layers is more important for a veil wedding dress. If the fabric and layers of the wedding dress meet the requirements, the issue of thinness or the traces of the skirt stays away. A good wedding dress will have a fully enclosed lining, and the support of multiple fish bones will make the shape of the upper body look perfect.

The skirt shape of the wedding dress

In the traditional wedding dress, there are three types of dresses: princess style pantsuits, a-line dresses, slim dresses, princess dresses and a-line skirts.

If bustle itself enough level or type of wrong choice, so put on a skirt support after the whole like a lantern, or looks not enough air, whole looks very thin or bustle skeleton will be revealed. In fact, the skirt support is also subdivided. For example, two layers of skirt support, three layers of skirt support, multiple layers of skirt support, trailing skirt support and so on, and more importantly, the problem of the wedding dress itself.


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