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How to take wedding photos with short hair


Every bride has a dream of taking wedding photos that are exclusive to her own happiness. Many short hair the bride when filming the wedding photos will feel it must have long hair is better than the bride do modelling good-looking, don't worry, in fact, short hair the bride also can make good effect, wedding photography small make up today to share with you is short hair the bride how to take good photos.

1. Moderate trim

The bride with short hair should not cut her hair too short or too thin before taking a photo, so as not to increase the difficulty of hair rotation.

Daily care is important

Taking photos in front of the couple are always trying to do their own modelling, here small make up recommend the bride at the time of hair care made nursing quality better treatment, increase the smooth degree of the hair, take pictures before iron ions, it is best not to do so as not to increase the difficulty of the modelling.

Choose the right yarn

Newcomer in choosing a yarn according to their height to choose wedding dress style and choose suitable yarn, yarn of adornment effect is very good, so choose the veil pictures of their wedding photos effect is very good.

Above is the wedding photography editor to share with you how the bride with short hair how to do a good modeling, hope that the bride with short hair can take their own perfect effect.

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