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Lovely pengpeng wedding dress round your beautiful princess dream


This wedding dress will make you shine at the moment, the chest unique cross coil design and stealth obi think of opportunely, not only promoted the chest line, more would be a perfect show the bride's slim waist, and transparent white gauze, layer upon layer stack, without any sense, each layer like fly happily, put on it, the whole people all appears lightsome, want to fly, all show the noble royal demeanor.

Unique bowknot girdle design chic and novel, dignified and noble queen temperament. If you have a penchant for demure queenness, this wedding dress will be your go-to choice.

Upper body design simple easygoing style of shells, inadvertently to the line of sight to the tender and beautiful face, grey belt sporadic pure white pearl ornament, if flashing now, clever decorate the waist line, short skirt show nifty and lively personality, is also one of the features of this wedding dress.

Broken yarn fold out just the knee length, show a long legged perfect curve, amazing, if you can jump on a brisk at the scene of the wedding romantic Cinderella, let the gauze skirt horn with dance dance to incite, like a happy elf around is to be sitting right beside you just like that from the fairy tale Snow White.

Represents the sweet peach heart, coupled with the shoulder one large gauze hook silk ornamental design, give a person visual perception of asymmetric beauty, waist design will leg proportion instant elongated, light transparent gauze covering inferior smooth skirt, wrapped in silk flower on the ornament, the foot can see stylist elaborate on this artwork.

Wearing this white veil from the depths of the red carpet, you will be able to raise your hand and throw your feet in a manner that will never fail the queen's arrival and the king's style of pride.

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