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Share tips on taking wedding photos in summer


The wedding the couple have a lot of the summer, because summer is a vibrant season, and the bride can wear any of your favorite wedding dress styles, but the hot weather let a person worry, preparations for the wedding couple in the summer the most main is thinking about the summer hot weather, here small make up for you to share the summer picture taken note.

1. The bride's make-up

Bride makeup with pale, pure and fresh and give priority to, and the bride should pay close attention to their own makeup look, don't walk too much, avoid your makeup was melt, sweat and facial oil more easily with the bride to prepare some paper of oil absorption face.

The bride's wedding dress

Because the summer weather is sultry, prospective brides should choose something simpler, lighter, breathable, and avoid heavy, heavy gowns.

The groom's shirt

The groom, who has been busy all day, must be sweaty. All the grooms must prepare more than two shirts and change into clean ones after going to the hotel to greet the guests. You must also be prepared to write about perfumes with a more elegant smell, and antiperspirant, which is not elegant if you accidentally give off a "manly smell".

4, float

If the flower is in the direct sunshine of the sun, the flower is more easily wilting; And also make the temperature inside car increases easily, so bridal flower car had better be able to park in a few more shady and cool place, and want to prepare next spray bottle, place thinks flower adds a little moisture; When the bride and groom want to go out, let the driver open the door in advance and breathe first, so that the couple will not feel like sitting on the stove

5, diet

The bride and groom don't eat too much cold drinks in summer, if eat too much ice cream unavoidably stomach can not stand, the wedding day is very busy, if say still have loose bowels would wear out, so the new people should consider their own food and drink. Relatives and friends come to congratulate affirmation should prepare some cold drink, pay attention to cold drink not too cold to prevent the stomach of relatives and friends can't bear, it is originally high excitement to come to congratulate, loose bowels not good.

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