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Soft and gentle, warm and romantic wedding


Soft and gentle, warm and romantic wedding

Each color has its own meaning: orange, orange, green, white and purple. Etc. Our company will slice of orange into the reception of the eve of the next, from the flower art to the entourage of stage, from the Angle of vice and top warm romantic wedding yellow orange luqing purple, each color has its representative meaning, orange, with hair like the sun warm ring tones, red in the marriage ceremony is with celebrations, happiness, and fulfillment. The coming birth of green and represents a new life! The wedding company has integrated orange into the wedding reception, from flower arrangement to stage setting, from the auxiliary corner silk belt to the catwalk placement, with soft and romantic colors everywhere in the wedding venue. Wedding banquet is no less flowers, fashion wedding banquet means less than let flowers absent, a variety of flowers can be used to decorate wedding banquet, the flowers of the eve of the arched door, small bouquet to the bride and groom new Kong Hua, flowers everywhere, in the design of the tide wedding wedding to table can see flowers, bride like to tonal in flowers in bloom, added infinite tenderness to the wedding banquet. So how can you do to spend at least want to reclaiming land results in obtaining capital itself? Begin to should consider to season: is that you can buy turmeric nasal spray in the October, buy a sun flower, pu month so much you may be more a overhead. You can ask your floral designers use you to marry who season open flower, flower banquet re-examination fresh. Words embody: if the table to ornamental design across the land of your budget, you can be in some of the main party on the flowers, such as: the party of the inlet is dazzing is put a lot of very beautiful flowers, a bouquet of flowers on the piano, in the shelf stacking flowers cake, tableware, sprinkle with petals around the whole room is full of romantic smell. Reduce the height: Shangdi ornamental design table than high words, is there will be a dramatic effects like magic, but high value will vary many ornamental design and low compare. If must high ornamental design to create the atmosphere, you can compromise, do some high and low ornamental design, or add some handcraft flowers in ornamental design to save money. Simple eve party: Pattern than the eve of the flower also can save your cost. Your bridesmaid can take eve type callas, the silver vase on the table, inside put eve to recognize three branches peony, wedding flowers so much you will be very eve of the party, very modern. You can according to your budget, than to give priority to furnish some argued that the keys of the flowers. Pay attention to your nose, if you are married or married garden on a hot day than a narrow, you can choose the nasal spray taste than force pale flowers, such as: aster, the eve of the beautiful flowers, orchids, and avoid late nasal spray jade, freesia, gardenia, don't give the guests to feel like into the nasal spray water shop.

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