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The right way to send an invitation


Can come to our wedding and our closest people, although relations are relatively close, but in the invitation form, is a bit cannot careless, wedding while the couple is leading role, but also absolutely without the witness of the couple's sacred moment guests.

Invitation to invite

Invitations are the most common form of invitation, not only traditional but also formal. The invitation card is printed with the main information of a wedding: the name of the couple, the hotel address, the wedding time, etc., so that people can see clearly. Such an invitation is also simple and direct. As anyone who receives an invitation knows, it's time to prepare a red envelope! At present, the invitations on the market are divided into Chinese style and European style. Chinese style mainly with red, traditional and festive; The color of Europe type wants a few richer, white, pink, aureate have, the content of invitation card also is richer and individual character. Although european-style invitations have only become popular in recent years, they are also accepted by more and more new people and are used quite frequently. So these invitations, in fact, are quite popular. After all, the pattern is fixed, all that is different is the wedding information that the couple needs to fill in.

The date of the invitation

Traditional paper invitations must be sent to the invitees in person to be formal. The time of sending invitations is usually limited to one to half months ago. Too early for fear that the other person will forget. It is not good for the other party to arrange their travel time. If you need to send an invitation by email or by phone or text, it is appropriate to send an invitation one to half a month in advance. Just three to five days before the wedding, make sure you call again to make sure you don't get caught up.

SMS invitation

With the form of colored letter, above is the wedding photo of the couple, below is the edited wedding information, very environmental protection, also very innovative! However, such an invitation is not suitable for elders and colleagues, which makes people feel less formal. If the family is more fastidious of the elders, perhaps will also take it hard to feel that they are not respected! Therefore, I suggest such an invitation only applies to friends, because everyone is young and can understand each other better and accept new things more easily! But after SMS invitations, it is better to make a phone call to ask the other party whether received, whether to attend, and for the attendance also should make a understanding, in order to arrange seat.

Call to invite

Two of my friends got married, both by phone. Although I feel a little bit less formal, it is not very convenient to send invitations because my home is far away. It's just a phone call, and there seems to be something missing from the wedding message. It would be nice to add a text invitation after the phone call. Especially two or three days before the wedding, which can also serve as a reminder, after all, the telephone invitation is not so impressive!

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