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Dreamy wedding Beautiful and attractive wedding


Every girl has a dreamy wedding in her heart Beautiful wedding dress Long skirt! This year's hottest word with a European-style skirt and white skirt to show you the most beautiful posture! V-neck shoulders are low-key and stunning! The beaded embroidered long sleeves are invincible and thin. It is very good to cover the flesh on the hand. There is also a low-key light luxury feeling! Adjustable straps and fishbone matching design show the most beautiful style of the bride!
When you become the most beautiful bride, you need not only a wedding dress but also a dress that needs to...

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How to wear the wedding dress in autumn


Across the hot summer, we are about to usher in the cool autumn season, and many couples choose to hold their wedding in such a good time. So how does the wedding dress look best in autumn? Let me tell you about the custom wedding dress rental of comus!

1. The lace texture is retro and fresh: choose the wedding dress of lace fabric, or customize a lace wedding dress of your own, all of which will make you more colorful. The echo of bud silk and bead piece, more show simple sense, it is the choice that the wedding dress...

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The bride of different temperament needs to choose different style wedding dress


Wedding is the most important and unforgettable moment in every bride's life. It is certain to choose the most suitable wedding dress. But when choosing a wedding dress, the bride must pay attention to the matching of her own characteristics and temperament, so that she can better present herself at this special time. The following wedding dress customization will take you to understand the different styles of bridal wedding dresses.

Wedding dress custom 1: art wedding dress

As far as there are artistic cells or artistic brides, it is advisable to try an artistic wedding dress to highlight their own unique temperament....

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Master wedding photography skills


For those who live in the post-70s and the post-90s, the wedding photography skills seem to be more avant-garde in style than those of the post-70s, but less out of the mainstream than those of the post-90s. Today, I would like to recommend some wedding photography skills.


1. Special wedding photos

The post-80s generation yearns for romance, independence and fantasy. Its authentic shooting style and theme better reflect the youthful personality of the post-80s generation, as well as bearing the happiness and dreams of the new people in their childhood. It can be regarded as the best choice.

Wedding photography skills 2. Picture...

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